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Chloe Stevens

Chloe Stevens

Chloe is a Marketing & Content Executive at Caxton FX. She loves spin classes, Japanese food and has an endless collection of books. 

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How to keep the kids entertained at home this half term

As we continue our time in lockdown, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep the kids entertained at home. But, once you start thinking outside the box, there are a lot of available resources that we can make good use of.

Travel Money Tips

Will Brexit affect buying property and living abroad?

Whilst no one truly knows exactly what’s in store for the UK or EU property market and how this will affect British buyers, here’s what a post-Brexit real estate landscape is looking like at present:

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How to make the most of your annual leave in 2021

Here's how to maximise the bank holidays throughout 2021 to double your annual leave.

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The best European cities to visit in 2021

We surveyed 15,000 Caxton customers to find out how this potential vaccine has impacted their perspective on travel. We found that a whopping 73% of people now feel more comfortable travelling in 2021. This newfound hope has got us thinking about some European destinations...

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How to save money when working from home this winter

There are ways to save money this winter when working from home; here’s our top tips:

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What does the tier system mean for UK holidays this half term?

The UK have imposed a tier system to help control the spread of coronavirus. Here’s our handy guide on what each tier restrictions mean, and how to still enjoy a holiday this half term:

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Where to celebrate Halloween in the UK

There are still plenty of UK-based activities that will get you into the spooky spirit this Halloween:

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What to do when you’re abroad and a quarantine rule is announced

The thought of being abroad when a quarantine rule is announced may seem anxiety-inducing, however, there are a few steps that will help ease your return home.

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The countries that will let you work there remotely

Imagine how much better it would be working from home in paradise? More countries are creating programmes or initiatives that could entice people to relocate for a while; here’s the four countries that will allow you to work there remotely:

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The best holiday destinations for adventure-seekers

If the idea of lying by the pool all holiday is your worst nightmare, we’ve put together a list of the best places to visit for adventure-seekers: