Find the right price for your business

Choose the right prepaid corporate cards so you can take control of your business expenses. 

Sterling Card – A monthly / annual fee, with no usage charges
Multi-currency Card – Free account with no upfront costs

Sterling Card Multi-currency Card
Card cost and Annual Fee From £4 per card/month* Free
Load and reload Free (GBP only) Free (GBP only)
Point of sale Transaction - international Free Free
Point of sale Transaction - domestic Free £1.50
ATM Transaction - international Free £1.50
ATM Transaction - domestic Free £1.50
FX mark-up for different currencies 2.49% 2.49%
Available balance enquiry - ATM Free £0.30
Available balance enquiry - online Free Free
PIN reminder Free Free
Card renewal Free Free
Card replacement fee - damaged/lost/stolen Free £5.00
Redemption processing fee Free £1.50

Sterling Card

*The monthly fee for your Sterling cards is determined on a sliding scale by the number of cards that need. The more cards issued to you, the less the cost per card. 

Example of costs 

10 cards £6 per card, per month
20 cards £5 per card, per month
50 cards £4 per card, per month

Contact us to find out how little per month it could cost you, depending on the number of cards you need. 

  • You can choose to pay your card fees on a monthly or on an annual basis, in advance.
  • Additional cards can be ordered at any time (from £3 per month).
  • Get a discount of two months fees if you choose the annual upfront option. 

Card Limits

Sterling Card Multi-currency Card
Minimum Load per Wallet £50 £100
Maximum Single Load per Wallet £15,000 £15,000
Maximum Load Amount per Wallet per Day £15,000 £15,000
Maximum Number Of Loads per Wallet per Day 15 15
Maximum Load Amount per Wallet per Year £150,000 £150,000
Maximum Number Of POS per Card per 24 hours 30 30
Maximum Number of ATM withdrawals per Card per 24 hours 2 2
Maximum Value of Single ATM Withdrawal £500 £500

The Fees & Limits Schedule is subject to changes. For more detail, see our full terms and conditions or contact us.