Before lockdown, many of us would automatically think about travelling overseas when planning a holiday. But, have we been missing a trick?

All this time indoors has got the Caxton Team thinking about the beauty of our home turf - and some of the hotspots that we should consider visiting, when the non-essential travel ban is lifted.

Here’s the 7 places in the UK that will make you feel like you’re abroad:



Cornwall instead of Italy

Who needs international travel when we’ve got this Southern beauty in our midst? The Cornish coast has crystal clear waters and unparalleled beaches, which has frequently led to it being compared to the Mediterranean. This corner of the UK is dotted with quirky seaside towns and surfers retreats that would make the perfect spot for a UK mini-break in future.

In particular, the Isles of Scilly have been voted as the best destination to visit for a UK holiday - so why not keep it in mind for post-lockdown travels?



Cumbria instead of Switzerland

Switzerland is blessed with picturesque, mountainous landscapes that entice intrepid tourists every year.

But, you don’t have to travel as far as Switzerland or even step foot inside a plane to immerse yourself in the great outdoors. The Lake District National Park in Cumbria has plenty to offer, boasting almost 1000 miles of glacial ribbon lakes and rugged mountain scenery.

Start pre-ordering some sturdy walking boots now to prepare yourself for that whopping UK adventure trip later.



Bath instead of Budapest

If you had your heart set on visiting the beautiful architecture in Budapest this year - worry not, as the city of Bath could be a great British replacement.

Many people travel to Budapest to witness the ancient Roman ruins and relax in the thermal baths.

However, we seem to forget that the UK city of Bath also has their own well-preserved thermae and Roman temple, constructed on the site between 60-70CE.

Plus, it’s only 1.5 hour journey away from London; ticking both boxes for excursions and ease.



Tenby instead of Portugal

Is this Tenby in South Wales, or the colourful streets of Lisbon? This South Wales gem will make you feel as though you’re wandering the lively streets of Portugal, with North Beach giving Praia da Adraga a run for its money.

Plus, it’s only an hour drive away from the bustling city of Swansea - which means you get sea, sand and great shopping all in one trip.



London instead of Amsterdam

Each year, Amsterdam attracts mass tourists, all desperate to wander through the never-ending canals. However, you can be transported to this Netherlands hotspot by simply ambling along Regent’s Canal in London and stumbling across Little Venice.

Our capital city has some quirky and quintessential corners that could keep you exploring for days.



Broadstairs instead of France

This Southeastern coastal gem mirrors France from the other side of the channel.

Broadstairs may be small in size but definitely not in charm, as it attracts families and couples alike.

It’s got everything you need for a seaside getaway: great fish-n-chips, classically British pubs and a never-ending coastline to explore.



Scotland instead of Iceland

Being able to experience the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as The Northern Lights, near the top of most people’s bucket-lists.

Did you know that you can see them without travelling all the way to Iceland?

The Northern Lights are known to frequently dance over Loch Glascarnoch, by Garve in the Highlands of Scotland.


We may still be indoors at present, however, one of the only ways we are going to get through this lockdown is by circulating hope and optimism for what’s on the other side. If international travel isn’t plausible this year - you can still cross things off your bucket-list here in the UK!

Don’t forget - you can now use your Caxton Card for spending in the UK, fee-free, until the end of May.* Sign up for your Caxton Card today in advance for you to be able to enjoy safe and secure travel, on your future UK minibreak.