Key airlines like EasyJet have been adding flights to their summer calendar, with demand for international travel growing on a weekly basis. We surveyed almost 16,000 Caxton customers and found out that 82% of those planning to travel this year will do so in Europe. 

If you find yourself falling in this category, but still concerned about heading to the most popular destinations like Nice, Marbella or Rome, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide of more low-risk, alternative places to visit in Europe this summer. 

The FCA have made all of the locations below exempt from their advice against non-essential travel, meaning you can travel to and from these countries without having to self-isolate either side:


Isles of Scilly 

52% of people have said that they are considering UK staycations more than ever before, which has seen a spike in Airbnb searches in British hotspots like Devon, Cornwall and the Peak District.

If you are hoping to book a UK staycation this summer, but want to avoid the crowds, why not look into the Scilly Isles? 

They’re a mere 25 miles from the South Western tip of Cornwall, yet equally as blessed with verdant landscapes and endless coastlines. An additional bonus is that up until July - they still hadn't recorded a single case of COVID-19. Plus, taking a UK trip this summer will mean you get to miss additional stressors like passport renewals, exchange rates or airport transfers.

Need more inspiration on alternative UK destinations?


Faroe Islands

You may be thinking to yourself - where exactly is the Faroe Islands? The Faroe Islands is a self-governing archipelago governed by Denmark, situated 320km north of Scotland, yet blessed with Icelandic landscapes. 

A trip to the Faroe Islands would be perfect for anyone that loves immersing themselves in nature, as the islands are scattered with never-ending hiking routes and mountainous terrains. Visiting during the summer months will leave you with even more time for exploring, as they have up to 19 hours of daylight!  

Plus, an additional draw to visiting the Faroe Islands is that they are not charging travellers for COVID-19 testing on arrival, up until the 14th august. Time to get booking!



Around 500,000 British tourists visit Malta each year - enticed by their prehistoric architecture, otherworldly landscapes and unparalleled sealife. 

Malta is one of Europe’s diving hotspots - you can take a tour around the drowned WWII bombers or explore endless caves of colourful marine life. If you’re a beginner, check out our first timer's guide to scuba diving

Additionally, Malta is one of the many countries that have formed a ‘travel corridor’ with the UK, meaning you do not have to self-isolate for 14 days in Malta on arrival, or when you return back to the UK. What more could you want from your summer holiday? 



The recent government announcement that anyone returning from Spain must quarantine for 14 days has disrupted a lot of travel plans this summer - but it needn’t if you know where else to go! 

Contrary to Spain, Greece is still relatively low-risk when it comes to COVID-19 rates so would make a great alternative this year. It boasts a number of different islands, all blessed with crystal clear waters and endless coastlines; you’d be spoilt for choice! 

However, if you’re looking for that perfect mixture of liveliness and serene surroundings, Mykonos ticks every box and is only a 4 hour flight away from London! 



Corsica is a mountainous Mediterranean island in the French regions, however, retains a distinct Italian culture - meaning you get the best of both cultures. 

Described as an ‘outdoor lover’s playground’ it’s dotted with geographical diversity, from bustling coastal cities, dense forests, to majestic mountains. As it stands isolated in the middle of the Mediterranean, it would be a great option for anyone hoping to avoid the hustle and bustle of mainland France. 


Keep an eye on our Travel Tracker for the latest country-specific travel updates and don’t forget to preload your Caxton Card before you set off on your holidays. 

If you’re holding out for an international holiday, check out our official 2021 holiday calendar to get some bucket-list inspiration.