The coronavirus pandemic has caused us to rethink every aspect of our lives - from office environments, interacting with others, to our travel habits. 

The recent easing of UK lockdown measures has left us all yearning for a holiday, with many people eager to enjoy a UK mini-break this summer.

Planning for a UK staycation is a lot easier than an international holiday, here’s why:


You do not need a visa to travel within the UK

Travelling to certain international countries will require UK Citizens to provide an adequate visa in order to gain entry. Obtaining a visa can be costly, time-consuming and anxiety-inducing.

A perk of choosing to holiday in the UK this year is that you don’t have to stress about organising a visa, as it’s not a requirement when travelling between countries within the UK. So whether you fancy a trip to Wales, Scotland, Ireland or England this year - you can do so without having that additional worry.

Do you need to show a passport when crossing British borders?

Where did I leave my passport? When does my passport expire? How much does it cost to get your passport renewed? These are questions that seem to be at the forefront of every soon-to-be traveller’s mind, prior to their departure date.

One positive aspect of choosing a UK staycation this year is that you can travel between countries without having to use your passport. 


Spending in the UK

One thing that’s easier about going on a British Summer holiday is that you don’t have to worry about converting your travel money beforehand (FYI - we can do that for you within seconds.)

This is because on a UK mini-break you’ll be spending in Sterling, which makes the entire process more straightforward. We’ve changed our product offering to enable all Caxton Customers to use their Caxton Card in the UK, fee-free.* You can now tap away on your contactless card in Cornwall, Brighton or Edinburgh...the possibilities are endless. 

We realise that Coronavirus has financially impacted a number of our customers, and anticipate that a lot of people are conscious of saving money, more than ever before. That’s why we’ve also debuted our new Travel Savings Plan as a way of helping customers reach their holiday budget goal. Simply select your financial target and length of saving period, then we’ll create a straightforward plan that works for you.

Road trips around the UK

The airline industry is definitely bouncing back - with most UK airlines returning to regular flights timetables on July 6th 2020. Check out our Travel Tracker for more information on foreign tourism and travel updates. 

That being said, an easier way to enjoy a holiday this year, without having to rely on the airline industry would be a road trip around the UK. Travelling in the comfort of your own vehicle is a simple way of exploring a new place, without having to step foot inside an airport.

Plus, you won’t have to get used to driving on the other side of the road!


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