2020 has been a strange year for us all, having spent the best part of four months inside. Most of us have had travel plans delayed or cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has left us yearning for that well-deserved break away. 

If you’re like our 33% of customers that are holding out for an international holiday in 2021 - why not start saving for your trip of a lifetime next year instead? Here’s where to go on holiday in 2021: 

January - Thailand

Thailand has increasingly become more of a tourist hotspot for us Brits. Whether it’s the beaches, the cuisine or the generally great weather, something keeps drawing us to this beautiful country in SouthEast Asia.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you would only be spending your time on a beach though, as Thailand also offers an array of bucket-list excursions, such as scuba diving in Koh Tao or visiting the Elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai.

Also, Chinese New Year is always celebrated across Thailand in the month of January; particularly in Bangkok's Chinatown, which turns red and hosts exciting dragon parades and traditional dancing in the streets.


February - New Zealand

February is a prime time to get out of the country and even more so out of the wintery northern hemisphere. If you’re a sun chaser – consider booking a holiday to a faraway destination like New Zealand. Contrasting to the UK, February in New Zealand is towards the end of their summer, with temperatures averaging at 25 degrees Celsius for the North Island and 22 degrees Celsius for the South Island. 

This is an ideal temperature for exploring and enjoying the country’s outdoor lifestyle, such as trekking the Tongariro crossing or the picturesque Lake Tekapo hikes.  


March - Oman 

Oman is blessed with a typical Arabian climate: blisteringly hot summers and pleasant, Mediterranean winters.  Heading to Oman in March is smart as it allows you to get your sun fix, whilst also still being cooler and more enjoyable than the sweltering summer months.

Plus, for any keen scuba diver or someone who simply enjoys being out at sea - the water temperatures of the Indian Ocean are also ideal in March. 

Check out our guide to travel money in Oman to find out more information before you head away.


April - Japan 

April is a great month to visit Japan as it’s right in the middle of their spring season. This also happens to be the time of year when Japan gets covered in a blanket of cherry blossom – making it a prime destination for nature lovers or avid Instagrammers.

From the buzzing streets of Tokyo to the beautiful sites of Kyoto – Japan could kick off your spring in a great way. 

Check out our Travel Money in Japan checklist before heading away.  


May - Mexico

May has been labelled as a ‘sweet spot’ for anyone wanting to visit Mexico. It’s one of Mexico’s warmer, drier and sunnier months – so pack lots of sunscreen and swimming gear.

A particular hotspot this time of year is the Yucatan Peninsula area of Mexico, which incorporates tourist favourites such as Tulum and Chichen Itza. Read our insider’s guide to exploring Tulum and the ancient Mayan ruins of Coba.

In addition, travelling to Mexico in May means that you get to enjoy the Cinco de Mayo parties that are scattered around the country, which act as an annual celebration of Mexican culture. 


June - South Africa

June is prime time to visit South Africa as it’s dry season, however, it’s a year-round destination due to its varying regional climates and wildlife opportunities.

Few vacation experiences are more life-changing than an African safari; sleeping under the start, spying exotic wildlife, and enjoying scenery you can’t get anywhere else on this earth - and you can see all of this in Kruger National Park in South Africa!  

Spanning over six million acres, the game reserve contains over 17 different eco zones, each with a unique landscape and climate. Over 500 bird species and 147 mammal species reside in the park so keep an eye out for lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards and rhinos.


July - Greece 

Crystal clear Mediterranean seas, white sandy beaches and haloumi on every menu: what more could you want to kickstart your summer?

Greece always has, and likely always will be a family favourite destination. July is a particularly good month to visit as average temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius.

Don't like sitting in one place? Why not plan a Greek island-hopping adventure...


August - Portugal 

With the summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere, why not make the most of travelling within Europe and head to Portugal in August? The capital city of Lisbon has been growing in popularity as a sought-after holiday destination.

August in particular is an ideal month to visit as it is generally, the hottest and driest month. This means you can enjoy the Portuguese beaches or spend your days sight-seeing around the beautiful cobbled streets of Lisbon.

It’s also renowned for its great foodie spots; add a few of these essential Lisbon restaurants to your holiday agenda.

September - France

Visiting our European neighbour would be a great choice for a late summer, September getaway. The capital city of Paris is a prime location for art, sport, history, food or architecture lovers alike.

Just like any other city, the best way to see Paris is by foot. September is an apt choice of month as generally you’re still blessed with seasonal good weather; however, you also get to miss the summer holiday rush of tourists.

If you decide to head to Paris for a weekend, check out our guide to visiting Paris in 48 hours.

Make sure to educate yourself on Travel Money in France before heading away. 

October - Iceland

October marks the end of summer and the start of winter conditions in Iceland. This crossover between summer and winter means that October is arguably the best month to visit Iceland as travellers have a wide range of activities that they can take part in.

The days are long enough to allow for enough time for hiking and touring activities during the day while the nights are dark enough for sighting the Northern Lights, and October is also meant to be the best month to see them.

However, the average temperature in Iceland this month is 4.8 degrees Celsius, meaning you will need to wrap up!  


November - Cuba

Going to Cuba would be a family holiday that is out of the ordinary – it’s not just your usual beach getaway. This Caribbean hotspot combines the urban charm of Havana with the serene beaches of Varadero – it’s got something for every family member. 

Havana in particular will stick in your mind for how colourful, lively and vibrant the streets are – filled with dancing, music and friendly conversation with locals. Picture this: salsa lessons on the beachfront, live jazz music in the constant stream of rum bars, finished off with a visit to the famous Club Tropicana, the open-air cabaret show.

November is the month just prior to the busy season too - so expect quieter beaches, cheaper excursions and more. 

December - Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most well-known and most visited Christmas markets in Europe, tempting thousands of travellers from all over the world each year. The unforgettable and unique atmosphere of the medieval central Prague makes the Christmas market at the Old Town Square very popular. 

The Prague Christmas markets consist of decorated wooden huts stocked with local handicrafts, delicate souvenirs and traditional Christmas treats. If you want some local speciality, try one of the famous Czech beers such as Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen or Budvar. Also, Prague is rated as one of the cheapest places to enjoy a European city break so save some coins and visit here!

If you’re looking for some more European Christmas market inspiration - click here. 


Research conducted by Caxton showed that 51% currently find a UK holiday more appealing than before. We’ve created a guide on some of the alternative UK destinations to visit, as a means of avoiding the crowds. 

If the antics of 2020 have left you feeling downtrodden - why not start planning the trip of a lifetime in 2021? Don’t forget, your Caxton Card can hold up to 15 different currencies, so that you can enjoy safe and stress-free spending wherever you are in the world.