The recent news of two potential vaccines has restored a long-awaited sense of hope into the population, after what can only be described as one of the most chaotic years in decades. 

We surveyed 15,000 Caxton customers to find out how this potential vaccine has impacted their perspective on travel. We found that a whopping 73% of people now feel more comfortable travelling in 2021.

This newfound hope has got us thinking about some European destinations to put on our bucket-list for next year. Here’s the cities that made our top 4:  

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia is arguably an underdog in the European hotspot list. This Eastern-European gem should be higher on people’s bucket lists, as it ticks every box when it comes to great food, wine and picturesque landscapes.

After a year of avoiding crowds, social distancing and maintaining impeccable hygiene, it’s understandable that many travellers would want to steer clear of some of the busier European destinations next year. That’s why Slovenia would be a great option, as it’s a lot quieter than their bustling neighbours, Italy and Croatia. Plus - Lake Bled is just as beautiful as Lake Garda!

Unbeknown to many, Slovenia is renowned for their wine regions, particularly the Podravje region, which is considered among the best 4% of wine-producing areas in the world. Sometimes bigger isn’t always necessarily better - because of Slovenia’s compact size, it’s easy to visit and sample the grape from a number of different regions. Experts recommend exploring the East of Slovenia if you fancy reds or the West if you prefer whites.


Porto, Portugal

After what is inevitably going to be a long and dark winter, everyone is going to be desperate for their dose of Vitamin D come spring 2021. 

What better place to get some sun than in the beautiful landscapes of Portugal? Porto in particular deservedly lands a spot in the top 4 European destinations to travel to next year, as it’s an impressive city that’s blessed with endless beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and climate.

Porto is also known as being an underrated foodie hotspot - so add this destination to your bucket-list to enjoy the best fresh seafood, wobbly custard tarts and other Portuguese delicacies. 


Nice, France 

We’re lucky to neighbour France as it’s a great country to visit in any season. A particular region of France that would tick every box for a 2021 getaway would be Nice, Southern France. 

Nice is one of the quieter corners of the glamorous French Riviera, yet still just as renowned for its serene scenery and coastlines. From exploring the cobbled streets filled with cafes, shops and ice cream parlours, to enjoying the Belle epoque architecture - you’d never be short of activities to keep you entertained. 

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re hoping to get your culture fix in 2021, Amsterdam is definitely the place to be. It’s believed to have more culture per capita than any other city in the world, due to its array of world-class museums.

You could mooch through some of Van Gogh’s best works, wander through the endless canals or simply just enjoy some boutique shopping. 

Aside from being a cultural hotspot, Amsterdam also has remarkable scenery too; the Netherlands is known to come alive in the Spring months, as it becomes flower season. 

When it comes to thinking ahead for your future travels, our key advice would be to stay hopeful, stay realistic and stay safe! However, with vaccines seeming like a strong possibility in the near future, it’s a great time to start planning for that next big trip. Make up for lost time and open up a Travel Savings Plan with Caxton today!