Singapore is one of the most intriguing and multicultural cities in the world. We couldn’t turn down the opportunity to visit, especially as it was the gateway for our holiday to Malaysia. Since our trip, we haven't stopped singing the praises of Singapore.


Travelling to Singapore

It is easy to get to Singapore from London as there are now direct, 13-hour flights available; inflight entertainment is pretty great nowadays, so the time flies! It’s also simple to get around once you’ve arrived in Singapore; I used my Caxton multi-currency card on the grab app (similar to Uber) as well as using it to top up the equivalent of an oyster card. The travelling aspect of this trip couldn't be easier. 


What can I do in Singapore?

There is so much to do in Singapore - 3 days is definitely not enough.  We took a hike near the MacRitchie reservoir towards the tree top walk which offered great views from a suspension bridge in the jungle canopy, across from the jungle and the reservoir. Just a short bus ride from the city centre, the wildlife here was abundant (including some very cute baby monkeys.)  A great tip is to download the appropriate map for your area whilst still on your hotel/accomodation Wi-Fi, to avoid getting lost when you have no internet access. For more travel hacks like this, read our best apps to use whilst travelling blog. 


Marina Bay Sands hotel

The gardens by the bay, with the towering Marina Bay Sands hotel, should be at the top of your Singaporean bucket list. There is something otherworldly about this place and it's great to just wander around taking it all in. Ironically, the greenhouses are also a welcome break from the city’s humidity. Visit the area at night too to see the light show! Instead of heading to the viewing platform at Marina Bay Sands, we opted to visit LeVeL 33, the world’s highest microbrewery which offered fantastic views of the bay and Singapore.


Eating and drinking in Singapore

The food and drink options in Singapore are endless and although on par with London prices, it was not as expensive as we were expecting. Malay, Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisines are all delicious options along with great offerings of iced coffee. They are all served at the Hawker centres which are amazing cultural experiences and easy on the wallet. The ones we visited all took card payments too, which was handy when using my prepaid card. In addition for a memorable cocktail, go to the Raffles hotel for a Singapore sling, a tradition that is worth paying for.


Travel Money in Singapore

The most commonly used currency in Singapore is the Singaporean dollar. The currency of Brunei is also legal tender, with a 1:1 exchange rate.

Singapore is a well-developed country so ATMs are readily available for cash withdrawals. However, travel-savvy individuals would recommend bringing a multi-currency card with them to withdraw cash or use for contactless purchases. 


In a nutshell, Singapore is a destination that should be appreciated in itself and is worth a lengthy visit. Alternatively, it also makes a fabulous layover. With GBP on my Caxton multi-currency card, I knew I was getting a good rate for my travel money with each transaction.