October is usually an optimal time of year to take the kids away during half term for some winter sun, or to get into the Halloween spirit by seeking out some spooky landscapes. 

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent tier restrictions that have come into place in the UK will undoubtedly make half term look a little different this year - but it doesn’t mean you have to completely rule out a UK holiday. 

Here’s our handy guide to help you navigate a holiday this half term:


Can I holiday if I’m in Tier One in England? 

Tier One - medium risk

  • Tier One includes people living in the area with the lowest rates of infection. The rules are similar to those that have already been in force across England since the summer months.
  • Anyone in the Tier One areas are allowed to holiday anywhere in England that's also in Tier One
  • You can holiday with people from other households in private accommodation (as long as you abide by social distancing), but only in groups of six and under (unless you’re eligible for a support bubble)
  • You can stay in a hotel or B&B with another household, as long as it’s under six people


Can I holiday if I’m in Tier Two in England? 

Tier Two - high risk

  • There are currently no restrictions on travel at present, however, people who live in Tier Two areas should aim to "reduce the number of journeys they make where possible" - according to UK government
  • You can go on holiday outside your local area as long as you don't share accommodation with people you don't live or bubble with, or socialise with them in any indoor setting
  • People visiting a Tier Two area should follow the local Covid rules for that area


Can I holiday if I’m in Tier Three in England? 

Tier Three - very high risk

  • If you live in a Tier Three area - which consists of only a few places at present - you're being told to avoid travelling outside of your local area - unless ESSENTIAL
  • People who live in Tier Three areas should not visit or stay overnight in another part of the UK, whether in a second home, a private home or guest accommodation. You may travel to hotels and other guest accommodation within your own area, but you should only do this with people in your household or support bubble.
  • People from Tier One and Tier Two areas should avoid holidaying or staying overnight in a Tier Three area where possible, except for those who need to for work, education or caring responsibilities.


Can you travel to Wales?

Current restrictions state that people in the UK with the highest rates of coronavirus are prohibited from travelling to Wales.

In addition, from 18:00 BST Friday, Wales will enter a “firebreak” lockdown - which is encouraging everyone to stay at home again, as well as all pubs, restaurants and non-essential merchandisers closing until Friday 9th November. 

Holidays in Wales are off the cards at the moment as they’re not deemed as “essential.” 


Can you travel to Scotland? 

You can travel anywhere within Scotland, unless there are local restrictions in place advising you not to do so.

Scotland is not in a nationwide lockdown like Wales currently, however, there are stricter restrictions running through the central belt (which spreads from Glasgow to Edinburgh.)

There is a ban on meeting other households indoors across the country. 

Members of different households can continue to meet outdoors, including in gardens, and in hospitality settings, although a 10pm curfew on hospitality settings applies, and the groups must be no larger than six people from two different households. 


Can you travel to Northern Ireland? 

Northern Ireland is currently in a ‘circuit breaker.’ Similarly to Wales, Northern Irish local authorities are encouraging everyone to stay at home, as well as all pubs, restaurants and non-essential merchandisers closing for the next four weeks.

The borders for travel are not closed for UK residents, but anyone travelling to Northern Ireland should be aware of the restrictions in place at present. 

The government announced advice against any "unnecessary" travel. It has not detailed what constitutes necessary or unnecessary travel.


Where can we travel to abroad? 

If you've got your heart set on a foreign getaway this half term, our Travel Tracker provides clear, up to date country-specific travel information. Your Caxton Card can be used fee-free, at over 35 million locations globally.*


*this excludes ATM withdrawals and checking your balance at an ATM.