Caxton conducted research into consumer travel habits post coronavirus. Of those planning to travel in 2020, over 82% intend on visiting destinations within Europe. This result is likely to be closely linked to the introduction of 55+ air corridors throughout the European regions.

Spain was the stand out winner across all age demographics, with one in four planning to holiday there in 2020. However, it was very closely followed by France, Portugal, Germany and Italy. Our survey results from over 15,500 Caxton customers has helped us create a handy guide on the best places to visit in Europe this summer: 



Spain is evidently a family favourite - it was selected as the top destination across all age demographics, with one in four planning to holiday there at some point this year. Not only that, we researched previous customer travel habits and found that Spain came out on top as the most-visited customer destination in 2019 too! 

It’s no surprise that Spain tops the charts each year as it ticks every box: beautiful cities, beaches, architecture and cuisine. 

The key tourist hotspots in Spain that attract masses of British tourists each year, are Catalonia (which incorporates Barcelona, Palamos, Costa Brava) or Andalusia (spanning across Seville, Malaga and more.) 

Spain is also one of the many countries that now shares an ‘air corridor’ with the UK - meaning that travel between the two countries is possible, without the need for a period of self-isolation either side. 

Social distancing is still encouraged and expected when travelling within Spain, with face masks now a mandatory requirement in most commercial outlets. 


We’re extremely lucky to be a neighbour to this beautiful country, as it means we can get there within 2.5 hours by plane, ferry or EuroStar (which makes it easy for anyone still conscious about flying!) It would also be a great option for anyone looking to embark upon a European road trip this summer, as any Caxton customer is entitled to a FREE Euro Tag Offer, which makes driving on European motorways a lot cheaper and easier. 

Depending on the type of holiday you’re craving - France will have something to offer everyone. Want to spend a week by the coast? Head down to the serene seas of Nice. Want to get your culture fix in a bustling city? Their capital city of Paris boasts oodles of tourist activities, top-tier restaurants and unforgettable landmarks. Here’s how to see Paris in one weekend.

France has also been announced as one of the countries that shares an ‘air corridor’ with the UK - meaning that there is no quarantine period on arrival or return from France. However, do note that social distancing is mandatory in France, which includes wearing masks in enclosed public spaces.



Portugal deservedly lands a spot in the top 5 European destinations to travel to during summer. It’s a beautiful country that’s blessed with endless beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and climate. If you’re looking to watch the pennies this year - flights to Portugal from London are looking relatively cheap, starting as low as £73 for returns in August. 

Before booking your travel, it’s worth noting that at present, only Madeira and the Azores are exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel. 

Travellers arriving in Portugal from the UK no longer have to self-isolate, however, upon return to the UK, travellers must self-isolate for 14 days. This is based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks and is being kept under constant review. For country-specific and up to date information, check out Caxton’s Travel Tracker function.



Italy also made it to our European top 5 and is luckily another country that has formed an ‘air corridor’ with the UK. Keen travellers can travel to and from Italy/UK without being required to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival. 

This is encouraging news for any pasta, pizza, wine, or gelato lover - as Italy is definitely the go-to place for all of the above. The country has also opened up a number of their most popular tourist attractions, meaning that travellers can explore the leaning tower of pisa, the Colosseum and a number of other cultural sites.

One of our favourite cities in Italy is Verona, check out our guide to exploring Verona to hear why. 

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From Berlin to Dusseldorf, Munich to Frankfurt: Germany would be a great destination to add to the bucket-list this year. 

A worthy entrant in our top 5 European countries as it merges old world charm with urban modernity. If you’re someone that likes to fully indulge on your travels, Germany should be at the top of your list, as it’s renowned for their delectable sausage dishes such as currywurst, and as brewers of some of the world’s best beer. 

If you need advice on using Travel Money in Germany - check our dedicated currency page for further information. 


Results show that the most notable change in customer’s perspectives on travel were towards UK staycations. 51% currently find a UK holiday more appealing than before, amidst the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic. We’ve created a guide on some of the alternative UK destinations to visit, as a means of avoiding the crowds.

Don’t forget, we’ve changed our product offering to enable all Caxton Customers to use their Caxton Card in the UK, fee-free this summer.* You can now tap away on your contactless card in Cornwall, Brighton or Edinburgh...the possibilities are endless!