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Amazing Travel Moments

As our I LOVE #AmazingTravelMoments campaign gets underway, we’ve selected three adventurers, photographers, videographers and general beings with a zest for life and given them a challenge.

World News

Turbulent Trump and a Defiant Draghi

President Trump is having a hard time in office, the main problem being he can't pass his Healthcare Reform Bill. The knock-on effect is that there is now uncertainty as to whether he will ever be able to get any Bill passed the Senate, as the House remains divided more than ever on their views.

Travel Advice

Top 10 Travel Apps

Tim Wiggins, Isle of Wight born, started as a mountain biker, before shifting to rowing with Ryde Rowing Club and finally at university came back to the bike and hasn't looked back since.

Travel Money Tips

Nearest ATMs to the Seven Wonders of the World

Chosen by over 100 million votes, the New Seven Wonders of the World can be reeled off at pub quiz's and school exams across the UK. We've researched, via the Mastercard ATM locator, how many and where the nearest ATMs are in location to the Seven Wonders.

Travel Experiences

Cycling Wildly

Tromso in the far north was a lot of cycling miles away, for an ever increasingly clunking bike pedal, along with the unbelievable news that any journey on a Norwegian bus cannot be booked! What if the Sunday bus is full, cancelled, delayed, won't take my bike, the pedal seizes or drops off.......and I miss my flight from Bodo to Manchester?

Currency Market

UK feels the heat

Well in weather anyway, but with Brexit negotiations starting, we could be set to see further hot spots ahead. For the past year we have seen sterling on a roller coaster of a ride in the currency markets, as Brexit negotiations begin this week it seems not to be slowing down anytime soon.

Travel Experiences

Australia’s hidden gems

When planning a trip down under, cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns have long dominated the tourist scene. Caxton helps you go off the beaten track, with five lesser known (but no less beautiful) destinations you must see when visiting Australia’s East coast.